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Top 10 most expensive jewellery pieces in the world

Top 10 most expensive jewellery pieces in the world Pieces of jewellery are items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches which are worn for personal adornment. Jewellery is used to adorn clothes or the body. They are often made from precious stones which make them expensive. Luckily not all jewellery costs millions, and but here are the 10 [...]

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What's your jewellery personality?

Have you ever wondered what your jewellery says about your personality? Take our Name Jewellery quiz: what's your name jewellery personality below..

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We now offer FREE delivery!

That's right - Name Jewellery now offers FREE delivery on all orders you place with standard delivery! We decided to keep things as simple as possible, and to offer all Name Jewellery customers with delivery options to suit their needs. Therefore we made our standard delivery free across all items, and added an express option for [...]

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The Birthstone of April: Crystal Diamond

Happy Birthday to all those born in the month of April - for your gemstone is undoubtedly the most radiant and desired gemstone. The word diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas” meaning “invincible”. The metaphysical properties of diamonds are clarity, balance and abundance. April babies are more likely to be extroverted, and to display strong leadership [...]

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​Name Necklace and its remaining popularity

What is one of the first questions you ask when you meet someone? Generally when we meet someone new for the first time we introduce ourselves by name, and ask for theirs. Names represent a way to identify ourselves and others, and are something we are provided with when we are born.Many psychological studies also show the importance [...]

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The Birthstone of March: Aquamarine

Happy Birthday to all those born in March! Your Birthstone colour is Aquamarine. The aquamarine meaning is derived from the Latin words of “agua,” meaning “water,” and “marina” meaning “the sea”. Therefore Aquamarine literally translates as 'Water of the Sea'.Those born in March are blessed with the tranquil and serene Aquamarine as their birth gemstone. The beautiful and [...]

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In need of a perfect gift for a family member?

Struggling for gift ideas for a loved one? Want to show that special family member that you care? Or just looking for a personal gift with meaning? Well look no further as we have a range of beautiful jewellery options to suit you and your family.Your family fills your heart with love, and is something that is worth cherishing. [...]

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We are on Facebook!

We are on Facebook!  Ok well we have been on Facebook since 2011 but we have only just started using it now :-S Like us on Facebook to stay in the loop on all our specials and we will also be doing random give-a-ways!  We have already given away 5 pearl sets to 5 lucky followers [...]

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We are on Twitter!

We have created our new Twitter account this week.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we will be offering huge discounts to our Twitter followers every so often! Click here to follow us on Twitter We look forward to Tweeting with you!

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