8 Struggles for People With Unique Names

Posted by Arna van Goch on 9th Mar 2018

8 Struggles for People With Unique Names

If I had a dollar for every time Starbucks gets my name wrong... I could buy my own Starbucks.

Whether your first name is some kind of mix of your parents’ names or you have a "foreign"-sounding last name or anywhere in between, it’s tough to have people mispronounce your name or give you confused looks every time you introduce yourself. Below, we've compiled a list of our top passive-aggressive feelings living with a unique name...

1. You have the worst experience meeting new people

  • It’s always painful to hear people butcher your name or struggle to form the shape of the sound with their mouth (you know what I’m talking about)

2. You’ve invented a Starbucks alias

  • It’s sad to not be able to Insta your morning coffee because either the barista spelled your name wrong or she left it blank. So you have a backup name ready each time you visit Starbucks or any resto that asks for your name (Or you get creative and start naming yourself after Disney characters).

3. You deal with so much correcting!

  • They will always call you variation of your name that’s more mainstream. Sometimes, you don’t even bother with correcting anymore!
  • It’s annoying that your conversation will be 90% correcting them about how your name is spelled and pronounced

4. You always get asked what your name means

  • People assume that since your name is so different it must have a special meaning

5. You don’t get any personalized gifts/get mentioned in lists

  • Sad truth: you don’t get to have one of those special personalized mugs or key rings or notebooks because it’s not mainstream enough!
  • Not just that, but you’ll never make the ‘most likely to get pregnant’ or ‘most handsome of the year’ lists circulating around Facebook.

6. You learn the international phonetic alphabet really quickly

  • “No, no… N for November!” And they get it wrong anyway so you have to do it slowly this time.

7. You have a love-hate relationship with Spell Checker

  • MS Word doesn’t seem to agree with your name and will always auto-correct and mark it as an error

8. You respond to anything that sounds close

  • You answer to anything that’s not even remotely close, because there is a chance they’re trying to call you and not someone else.

These are the struggles faced by people with unusual names, and it’s a lifelong journey! But you know what though, having a great name is a great conversation starter; just one of the many things that make you unique. So own it, embrace your name!!