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1.    My order status says "Pending", what does that mean?

It generally means your order is pending fullfillment. You will recieve an automated email once your order has been changed to Shipped.


2.   How long will it take to receive my Name Necklace?  

See our delivery information here.

As all items are made to order, please allow 12-24 business days for standard delivery of your item. Standard delivery does not include tracking. 

Alternatively, you  can have your item sent via express post with full order tracking, so you can be confident you will receive your order quickly. Delivery generally takes 7-12 business days.  

Please note!: Name-Jewellery will not refund any shipping costs due to postal delays, customs inspection, weather...for any reason. We do not take responsiblity for any actions taken by any postal authority world wide.

If you have a 'must arrive by' date, please get in touch BEFORE you place your order, and we can estimate with our current workshop load and crafting times if it will be possible to get it to you in time.  These time frames are a guide only, as we cannot control what happens once in the hands of the postal system.   We DO however do everything possible to make and and ship your order quickly.  Quality jewellery takes time to handcraft and customise,  but we always meet our internal time frames.


3.   Can I change the font for a particular design?  

The fonts chosen for each design, are the fonts that work best with that particular accent, heart, butterfly, or flower.  For an additional charge of $10.00, you can request that the font be changed. Please purchase the design that you would like. In the CUSTOMER'S NOTE section, tell us the new font.  We will add the charge to your total, you will not see this total on your order form.  Please note that the font must be freely available within Windows, if we need to purchase the font there may be additional charges.

4.   What length chain should I choose?  

For children 4-12 years of age, please order 14" (35 cm) chains.  For teens and average sized adults wanting below collar bone length, please order 16" (40 cm). For mid-chest length, fuller necks, please order 18" (45 cm).  For large people, or a longer necklace (just above breast) Please order longer 20: (50cm) chains. We offer extra long 22" silver chains as well! The chain length does not include the length of the name plate. You can also use our Chain Length Guide for more information on which length chain to choose. 


5.   Do you ship world wide?  

Name Jewellery can ship our items to any location worldwide - if your country is not listed, please contact us and we will organise delivery for you. 

6.    Is payment secure on your internet site?  

Yes, all payments are processed using Paypal, the internets most trusted payment method.

7.   Does Sterling Silver tarnish (change colour)? 

Unfortunately all precious metals such as sterling silver and gold, will tarnish. The good thing is that this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your jewellery - it actually shows that your jewellery is real! Plus you can greatly limit the amount of tarnishing, by reading our care instructions, and purchasing one of our polishing cloths to remove any discolouring. 

8.   I have received my necklace but I don't like how it looks, can I have a refund?   

Unfortunately, as the necklaces are customised there are no refunds.  Please choose carefully and take note of the font preview before ordering. Simply type your name into the box to see how your chosen font will look on your name necklace - click here to use our font preview tool. 

9.   Are Gift Boxes available? 

Yes gift boxes are available!  Simply add a gift box to your order, or click here to purchase a gift box. 

10. What is your exchange policy?   

We do not accept refunds or returns if you do not like the font style that you have chosen, or for any change of minds. For this reason, we ask that you view our font preview displayed on the product pages of our site, and use our fonts preview page, and also feel free to contact us before placing your jewellery order. We are here to help with any questions :) 

In line with our 'quality guarantee' we will replace any items that are broken, or which do not match your order, within 7 days of you receiving your item. Any faults outside of this 7 day period cannot be replaced. Please contact us right away, and send a photo of your item. If within the 7 day period, we will issue a replacement item for any faults, breakages, and incorrect orders.  

Please ensure you read our page on how to care for your necklace in order to best care for your new jewellery.


11.  What does my order status 'Awaiting Fulfilment' mean?

Awaiting Fulfilment means your order is currently waiting for the jeweller to make your item.  You will receive an email from us as soon as your item is shipped.


12. Why does the letter 'i' look tall on my necklace?

This is due to the dot on the letter i having to be joined to the base of the i.  In some font styles this results in the letter i looking slightly taller then other letters, however it is still smaller then the letter L and you can still easily distinguish it  as an i.  If you are worried about how the i looks please select a font which better portrays the i for your tastes.  We will not refund or remake necklaces if you do not like how a particular letter looks so please choose your font carefully.


13. I purchased a voucher off a deal site for a name necklace however the voucher has since expired, can I still redeem the voucher anyway?

No. We do not get paid for expired vouchers, please contact the deal site of which you purchased the voucher from to see if they will give you a credit.


14. I like a particular style, but can't find the jewellery on your website. 

If you are after something particular, or have a picture of a necklace you like, please contact us and if possible we will send you a quote to have the item made. 


15. Do you offer bulk discounts? 

Yes absolutely - we offer bulk prices to retailers and online stores. Please contact our wholesale department for more information.