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Our products and customer service is adored and loved by many, but dont take our word for it, check out these genuine customer testimonials! Plus click here to see photos of just some of our happy Name Jewellery customers showing off their new jewellery. 

  • Just an update!! I received the necklace this morning!! THANKS, its gorgeous!! Kylie
  • I have purchased 10 name necklaces all different and all amazing. Very happy with each item. Jody
  • This turned up in today's mail - thanks very much, my daughter will love it! Karen
  • I received the necklace yesterday, thank you so much - I love it! Kindest regards, Sarah
  • Thank you for you quick response, I did receive my order in the mail yesterday( I suppose it helps to check!).
  • Have purchased name necklaces before and extremely happy. Range is stunning. Kylie. 
  • The necklace looked lovely and I am sure my daughter Mallory will be delighted with it. It is very difficult to find things for her with her name on them that don't look homemade. Thank you again. Nicola
  • It is very difficult to find things for her with her name on them that don't look homemade.
  • I have received the new necklace - I love it, its perfect and I am very pleased, thank you so much for making it all to lower case as requested. I am greatly appreciative. Kind regards. Monica
  • Received the necklace yesterday. It is great, I'm sure my daughter will love it. Thanks, Nicola
  • Just wanted to let you know that the necklace arrived! My friend loves it! Thank you so much for all your help in getting this to us. Thanks, Andrea
  • Thank you again....the necklace arrived today and my daughter loves it! Regards, Amanda
  • Thank you for the name necklace....I love, love, love it!!
  • I'll be ordering another 4 next week...taking gifts to family OS. thanks Natasha
  • I have just received my order for a name necklace....and I just love it.
  • A beautiful piece and will use your company again for similar items in the new future. Cheers, Marie
  • My name jewellery has arrived and is fantastic My daughter and niece are going to love them. Thanks for making it all so easy. Regards, Kylie
  • I received it in today’s mail – and I LOVE it – thanks so much. Sandy
  • I Just wanted to thank Craig for his help with ordering the necklace. I received it today and I love it. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and the specialised service received. Regards, Rose
  • Thanks looks awesome.  My daughter is going to love it.
  • Was really looking forward to this delivery, & it finally arrived today. Was a little disappointed by the style I chose. Still a lovely necklace though.
  • Great product quality!
  • The product was exactly what was advertised. Very happy. Thanks. 
  • They are beautiful my daughters love their necklaces
  • So easy to use, view and order big thumbs up
  • Beautiful necklace.  Excellent customer service.  Will definitely buy from them again.  Thank you x
  • There product is very good 
  • I don't mind them, I've bought from them several times.
  • Took a bit more time but it was Christmas so fair enough. The company kept me informed of the progress of my order too.
  • Very easy, clear instructions are given when ordering your product's. The delivery times are clearly stated.
  • Absolutely fantastic...thank-you
  • I have been extremely happy with the products and services and have even recommended to lots of people who are also thrilled with their items. I think you are doing a great job and nothing needs to be changed. :) Jody
  • I am always worried about buying jewelry online but this was perfect. thank you
  • It's gorgeous!  I love it!
  • Beautiful quality and the people receiving them loved their gifts. 
  • Took a while for it to be done and delivered, but it was worth the wait. Finished product looks amazing!
  • Process to redeem the voucher was very easy and straight forward!  
  • Beautiful jewellery & fantastic customer service.  Well done.
  • They might need to state that spaces between words count as characters in future, but apart from that they were extremely helpful , and addressed my problem quickly with a happy outcome.