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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

There are are literally hundreds of companies selling personalised jewellery.  Surely they are all the same, they probably come out of the same factory, right?   Why choose NJ personalised jewellery?

Because we're not the same.  

Our jewellery is made by skilled craftsmen, by hand.  Items are created and engraved or hand-stamped in our workshop in South Africa.  Our jewellers and silversmiths are second to none.

We LOVE making personalised jewellery.  Whether its a name necklace, or something from our Mother's Collection, or maybe a Valentime's gift, we know that you're entrusting us with your special person, your special date or your family.  We want you to have a beautiful piece of jewellery that you will treasure and wear daily.

How are we different?

Our jewellery is double thickness as standard.  Most cheaper name jewellery might look the same, but pay attention to the thickness.  Most are only 0.6mm thick, which means your jewellery will be prone to bending, or even breaking.  Our pendants are at least 1.2mm thick, some are 1.5mm thick.  Quality sterling silver, will not bend and will not break, even if you wear it every day.  

Our jewellery might look more expensive, but our pendants contain at least twice the sterling silver.  For a few extra dollars you get a piece of personalised jewellery that is of top quality, and will last a lifetime.  The "cheap" jewellery gets very expensive when it breaks the first week you wear it!

Our chains are strong and solid weight, whilst still looking delicate and elegant.  While we don't recommend you pull on your chain, or test it's strength, the photos below show the difference between another supplier and our quality Name Jewellery product.

Our jump rings are all soldered shut.  That means you will never lose your pendant!  It's happened to me so many times, my necklace gets caught on something, it pulls and the jump ring breaks.  The pendant falls and is lost.  That's why we solder our jump rings, so your necklace or bracelet is secure, it will not break or fall off.